Terms of Use Update


To coincide with the rollout of the e-OSCAR Release v3.14 on July 14, 2018, Online Data Exchange LLC announces the update and modification of the e-OSCAR Terms of Use.

The updates to the Terms of Use will include the following:

(1) Update any reference to "Registration Administrator" to "Registration Administrator of Record" to comport with specific role titles.

(2) Addition of a clause within Section 3.1(a) to allow e-OSCAR access to third parties who are authorized agents acting on behalf of Registrants.

(3) Addition of Sections 3.9 (User Acceptance Testing) and 3.10 (Disaster Recovery Planning) leveraging language from previously required separate agreements.

(4) Addition of Section 4.5 specific to Invoice Management, specifying the format by which invoices are sent to Registrants.

(5) Addition of Section 10.5 specific to Registrant Audits - adding a clause that specifically grants the right for Registrants to conduct audits.  This clause is substantially similar to Section 10.6 (Third Party Audits).

(6) Updating Section 12.5 to amend the venue from Wilmington, DE to New York, NY.

You may view a red-lined copy of the new Terms of Use by clicking HERE.